Search Marketing Agencies

  • Enhance productivity
  • Develop report templates
  • Develop your own copy
  • Provide deliverable for clients
  • Cost effective
  • Save time

Web Designers

  • Check your own work for SEO readiness
  • Provide unique offering
  • Develop SEO offering for clients
  • Build confidence for clients
  • Create business needs with clients
  • Display greater value to clients

Web Site Owners

  • Determine your site's search engine friendliness
  • Check up on your search marketing agency
  • Monitor your site monthly to detect changes
  • Start your search marketing campaign with LOW cost
  • Help determine direction of SEO efforts

What is SEMCheck?

SEMCheck is a fast, affordable, and accurate way to analyze a web site the same way the search engines do. If you are serious about your presence on the internet, or your client's presence, you need to know what could be preventing a website from being seen in the most important gateway for your customers: the search engines.

Easy to Use and Understand

Whether you are a seasoned search marketing professional or an SMB (small and medium business) web site owner with no technical skills, SEMCheck provides data in an easy to read format that can improve your site traffic, reveal potential problems with your site or just give you confidence that your site is doing everything it can to take advantage of organic traffic from the search engines.

SEMCheck is Extremely Affordable

Maybe you think your site is too small for a professional SEO audit or that search marketing consultants / agencies audits are too much money? SEMCheck can give you a professional audit for an affordable price. For just $12 or less you will get information on over 20 facets of your site that are critical for organic search success. Considering how much your time is worth, SEMCheck is a bargain!


If you are looking for more information and analysis to help your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts contact Frank Reed at 919-612-4760. For more information visit and Frank will be happy to assist.